Multiple Ways To Be Charmed

Karisa Brand Charms

Unique collection of quality-crafted beads and dangles designed to motivate - inspire - speak to your heart. 

European & Traditional Charms

Whether you prefer European style beads, traditional charms or dangles for a necklace, you can find it here.

Bracelets & Necklaces

Dangle your charms from your own bracelet or necklace or something new -- a bangle, snake link bracelet or beaded necklace.

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Evolution of Karisa Charms

Phrases that Motivate - Inspire - Speak To Your Heart

As a teenager I purchased jewelry made by Native American craftsmen. I loved the beauty and shine of the silver. My mother also had a love of beautiful jewelry. But over time, I found it difficult to find pieces that conveyed deeper thoughts, feelings and emotions. Jewelry that people buy to communicate their values, remember a cherished memory or soothe a troubled heart. That's what Karisa Charms are all about. 

From Sketches & Scribbles to Charm Production

What has evolved are various thoughts and ideas that Motive - Inspire - Speak To Your Heart. I am intrigued by the use and power of "verbs" so I use them in many of my Karisa brand charms. I think the world can benefit from more tolerance, love and peace -- so these thoughts are conveyed in my charms as well.

Sterling Silver, Rhodium & Other Quality Materials

Quality is important to me. As such, Karisa strives to offer a range of quality jewelry pieces. Some of the charms are produced in Sterling Silver (S925) and others will produced from other metals, which may be plated with rhodium, S925, or gold. Learn more about these different metals and processes on the "Sterling Silver & Rhodium" web page.

Charms - Sterling Silver & Rhodium

Sterling Silver 101

Sterling Silver is created when pure silver (99.9% silver) is combined with 7.5% of another metal (usually copper). Adding another metal makes sterling silver more durable. Otherwise, it is too soft and scratches easily. Sterling Silver jewelry is typically marked with 92.5, 925 or S925.

Caring for Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver (S925) tarnishes because it reacts to elements in the air; household chemicals, chlorine, latex and wool also cause tarnish. After wearing, gently wash in warm water and dry thoroughly -- removing make-up, perfume and other chemicals. 

Storing & Polishing Sterling Silver

Sterling   Silver should be stored in a soft pouch. The pouch should be put in an air-tight container (zip bag will work). Polish your jewelry with a silver polishing cloth. Using silver cremes or other jewelry cleaning solutions are not recommended to clean or remove tarnish.     

Sterling Silver Plating

Jewelry is made from a variety of metals and what you choose may depend on your budget and how much you intend to wear a piece of jewelry. One solution is silver plating, often referred to as silver tone. With plating, a thin layer of S925 or pure silver is electroplated onto the surface of an alloy material. 

Rhodium 101

Rhodium is used to plate jewelry. It reduces scratching, gives a white, reflective appearance; and (unlike sterling silver) resists tarnish. Rhodium is the most expensive component from the platinum family and more expensive, by weight, than gold. Sterling Silver and white gold are often plated with Rhodium for the reasons outlined above. 

Rhodium Plating

Rhodium plating can last a lifetime or an item may need to be re-plated. This varies depending on the amount of plating applied, how often the jewelry is worn and care of the jewelry. Rhodium should be cleaned with mild liquid soap and water. Use a non-abrasive, lint free cloth. Avoid silver or gold polishing cloths.